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Maintaining Gut Health: Probiotics as Natural Aids for Heartburn

Scientists and nutritionists alike are starting to talk about the importance of gut health.

The market for probiotics is growing by 14% right now, which is a sign that more people are starting to take their gut health seriously. It's been said that gut health is vital to everything from cognitive function to the health of all your important organs.

On a day-to-day level, people who suffer from issues like acid reflux are also beginning to embrace probiotics and all of their benefits. The points below can help you get your gut health in order to the best of your ability by taking probiotic supplements.

What Are Probiotics?

Getting to know probiotics is important when you'd like to add them to your nutritional intake. Probiotics refer to different types of living bacteria that people ingest to improve their gut health.

Certain foods are natural probiotics, and you can also supplement with some capsules, gels, and other lab-created products.

How Can Probiotics Help With Heartburn?

Acid reflux and related issues affect roughly 20% of the population in America today. It can range from slight discomfort to debilitating pain that keeps you up at night.

Some people experience sourness and discomfort in the stomach or chest, while others might feel burning acid in their throat and nasal passages, along with a chronic cough. Taking probiotics offers an excellent way for you to nip these sorts of issues in the bud.

It Calms Your Stomach Discomfort

The bacteria that you ingest can add balance to your stomach's acid levels. In doing this, you will be less likely to deal with the symptoms of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

By balancing your gut microbiome, probiotics will prevent your acid levels from getting thrown out of whack and can lessen any damage to your esophagus.

Probiotics Improve Your Digestion

Taking probiotics can also help your body's digestive process. In doing this, you can quickly filter out the food items that led to your digestive discomfort so that you can move past it.

The bacteria helps your stomach break down fiber and makes you less likely to deal with indigestion issues. Many probiotic products also come with things like ginger, which is also known to be calming to the stomach.

It Strengthens Your Gut Health

Aside from curbing heartburn after the fact, probiotics can also strengthen your gut health so that you avoid these issues altogether. When you have a better balance of positive gut bacteria, you're less likely to trigger GERD symptoms and can ease the sour feeling that comes with the territory.

You will prevent bad bacteria from growing in your gut and will be less likely to deal with a variety of other illnesses and feelings of discomfort.

What Types of Probiotics Can You Take?

Now that you know you can help treat heartburn naturally through the use of probiotics, which products are the best? Half the battle with taking probiotics is knowing which are best for your digestive health. From there you can find the help of a company that can sell you what you're looking for.

Here are some excellent probiotics to consider:

Kombucha Tea

Perhaps the most popular probiotic right now is kombucha tea. This is a type of fermented tea that is filled with gut health benefits. Each bottle comes equipped with live bacteria that will improve your gut health, ease gastrointestinal discomfort, reduce bloating, and so much more.

People who understand gut health swear by kombucha and all of the benefits that it brings. In addition to relieving gut discomfort, people drink kombucha as a way to have energy each morning. Since gut health and brain health are often linked, you can sip kombucha to help have more mental focus and cognitive function.

You will also love that kombucha comes in a variety of different flavors and brands that you can try out to see what you enjoy the most.


If you're looking into a flavorful food that doubles as a probiotic supplement, you can't go wrong with kimchi. This is a type of topping or dish that includes various fermented vegetables.

You will mostly see a combination of things like fermented cabbage, onions, carrots, and ginger. It's incredibly flavorful and is often spicy. This food provides you with the kick that you need to jumpstart your tastebuds while also easing gut discomfort.

Probiotic Supplements

When you want to control your dosage to the best of your ability, you can't go wrong with taking a probiotic supplement stack. There are a variety of supplements you can take to help with gut discomfort issues and best of all, you can read the label to know what's included.

You'll learn what strains of probiotic bacteria are found in the supplement stack, and in what amounts. This way, you can take these supplements in the morning to get your day started, and daily with food.

Get the Most From Probiotics

Taking probiotics is an excellent way to look after your gut health. If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, or other issues, it's a must-have for your daily intake. When you take your health and well-being seriously, you can't go wrong by getting your fill of probiotics.

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