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Introducing our all-natural heartburn relief supplement: 

Your answer to long-lasting relief!

Prioritizing Natural Ingredients: Our supplement harnesses the power of natural ingredients like d-limonene, offering relief without the potential risks associated with some conventional products.

Addressing the Source: Unlike products that offer temporary relief, our supplement works to address heartburn at its core while promoting digestive health for long-term comfort.

Gentle Support: Our supplement supports your digestive system with a gentle approach, free from harsh chemicals that may disrupt your body's natural processes.

Reliable Relief: Backed by satisfied customers, our carefully formulated supplement provides a safe and effective option for those seeking relief from heartburn and acid reflux

Prioritizing Health: Protect your well-being by choosing a solution that prioritizes your health without compromising on effectiveness.

Why GerdLi stands out 

  • Natural Path to Health

    We offer you the best supplements for GERD, harnessing the power of nature. 

  • Science-Backed and Safe

    Rooted in scientific research, our formula uses D-Limonene sourced from citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and limes.

  • Relief That Cares

    A portion of every purchase goes to the Esophageal Cancer Society, making every GerdLi bottle a step towards a healthier world.

  • Effective and Gentle

    Designed to reduce the common symptoms of acid reflux, GerdLi complements your healthy lifestyle seamlessly.


Meet real people, getting real relief

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How GerdLi Provides Relief for Heartburn and Acid Reflux:

Addressing Acid Reflux:

GerdLi offers targeted relief for acid reflux, helping to alleviate the discomfort associated with this condition.

Relieving the Burning:

Sensation: GerdLi works to soothe the burning sensation in the chest often experienced during episodes of heartburn.

Eliminating Bitter Taste:

Our supplement aids in reducing the bitter, acidic taste that can linger in the mouth during bouts of acid reflux.

Improving Comfort During Rest:

GerdLi helps minimize discomfort experienced when lying down in specific positions, promoting better rest and sleep.

Alleviating Discomfort from Trigger Foods:

By targeting the underlying causes of heartburn, GerdLi helps to reduce pain and discomfort often triggered by certain foods.

Why D-Limonene?

  • Natural Source: D-Limonene is a natural compound found in the rinds of citrus fruits.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: This compound is known for its special therapeutic effects, particularly in promoting gastroprotective health.
  • Gastric Acid Neutralization: D-Limonene is recognized for its ability to neutralize gastric acid, making it beneficial for individuals experiencing heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).
  • Supports Normal Peristalsis: Additionally, it supports normal peristalsis, aiding in the smooth movement of food through the digestive tract.

Don't just take our word for it

 Personal path to better health

  • Step-Up

    This path begins with eliminating or substantially cutting down certain types of food and beverages. This Includes large meals, alcohol, caffeine. soda, and juice, and replacing them with an increased water intake and smaller portioned meals, then adding in GerdLi prior to taking prescription medication

  • Step-Down

    This path is for those who are already on medication, have been doing well on it, but want to make the transition to a natural alternative. This path still requires a healthy lifestyle and eliminating or substantially cutting down on certain types of food and beverages that are mentioned in the step-up approach.



At GerdLi, our commitment extends beyond providing natural relief from heartburn and GERD. We advocate for a holistic approach to health, prioritizing both individual well-being and the greater good. That's why we proudly support the Esophageal Cancer Society, allocating a portion of our proceeds to aid their crucial research and awareness initiatives.

GerdLi: Rooted in Personal Experience, Crafted for Your Comfort

Our journey began with a personal struggle against severe esophagitis. Founded by a dedicated physician, GerdLi emerged from a quest to discover a natural, sustainable solution for managing heartburn without lifelong medication dependence. In 2017, this pursuit led to the identification of D-Limonene, a potent compound found in citrus fruit rinds. Through meticulous testing and research, GerdLi was developed—an embodiment of our commitment to offering a natural alternative for individuals coping with heartburn and acid reflux.

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Frequently asked questions

In terms Of transparency, what is the quality of the ingredients?

Our physician formulated the supplement and it is specially manufactured in an FDA-registered facility to ensure the highest quality. GerdLi is made from the highest potency, specially sourced D-limonene.

How many softgel capsules are recommended daily?

The supplement is extremely safe, and there are no known side effects or reactions noted from a trial of participants who took the supplement over an extended period of time.

What are the side effects or reactions that can occur with taking a D-Limonene supplement?

Yes to both questions. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as omeprazole or pantoprazole have many side effects. Serious reactions include low magnesium levels, clostridium difficicile colitis, blood dyscrasias, and liver impairment. Common reactions include headache, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, and Vitamin B12 deficiency (from long-term use), and fundic gland polyps (from long-term use). Brand names for PPIs include Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid, Protonix, and Dexilant.

Do strong prescription medications for GERD have side effects? Will GerdLi help me stay away from prescriptions or get off them?

The capsule is small and a 12 oval shape, which makes it easy to swallow. They are also soft gels, so they feel very gentle on their way down.