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Your Personal Path To Better Health

Great health isn’t as easy as taking a pill. It’s the result of multiple factors including: staying active, eating right and staying hydrated. All of these factors in addition to a regimen of GerdLi could help you with your acid reflux. Here are two approaches we recommend for reaching your goal.

Two Approaches To Gut Health

  • Step-Up Approach

  • Step-Down Approach

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This health path begins with substantially cutting down on certain types of food and beverages. This means cutting down on large meals, alcohol, caffeine, soda, and juice, and replacing that with a higher water intake and more manageable meals. Then adding in the anti-reflux supplement like GerdLi to help maintain your gut health.

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This is an approach for when you’ve been on medication, have been doing well, but want to transition to a more natural solution. You can begin to take GerdLi in order to begin this transition. This still requires a healthy lifestyle that is mentioned in the Step-Up Approach.